We endeavour to make our appointment system as accessible as possible and have surgeries running from 07:30am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday. Demand for early and late appointments is high, so please only ask to book these if you are unable to attend at other times.

Appointments can be booked on-line 24 hours a day, or by telephone and at our reception desk between 7:30am-6:00pm Monday to Friday.

Routine Appointments with a doctor

Routine appointments can be booked in advance of the appointment day. To ensure we always have a steady flow of pre-bookable appointments some are released 2 weeks in advance, some a week in advance, some 4 days, 2 days and 1 day.  If you feel your medical condition is medically urgent and requires an assessment by a GP before the next available routine appointment offered, please request an Urgent telephone consultation with the on call GP and they will assess whether we need to see you sooner.

Urgent Appointments with a doctor

Our doctors assess all requests for a same day urgent appointments by telephone, to identify and prioritise those patients who need to be responded to quickly. When you request an urgent  appointment the receptionist will take your details and a GP will telephone you. The On Call GP will telephone patients throughout the day, so you must be available to take the call at any point during that day. The GP will either deal with your problem on the phone, or arrange a time for you to come down to surgery if you require a face to face appointment

Home Visits

Doctors carry out home visits for patients who are too poorly or frail to attend surgery.  If you require a home visit please contact the surgery before 10am.  The receptionist will ask for details of the problem to help the doctor assess the urgency of the visit.

Appointments with the nurses and healthcare assistants

Appointments with the Nurses and Healthcare Assistant should be booked in advance though there are occasionally a few still available to book on the day.
Nurse and Healthcare Assistant appointments vary in length depending on what it is for.  They are therefore only bookable on the telephone or in person, and not available via our on-line booking service.  Please let the receptionist know what your appointment is for so they can ensure they book you with the most appropriate person and allocate the correct amount of time.

Why does the Receptionist ask what I'm seeing the Nurse or Doctor for?

When booking an appointment with one of the nurses or healthcare assistants, the receptionist will ask you what your appointment is for to ensure they book you with the most appropriate person and allocate the correct amount of time.

When requesting a same-day ring back with the on-call doctor the receptionist will ask what the problem is.  The GP uses this information to prioritise calls and ensure urgent ones are responded to quickly.

Appointment and Prescriptions on-line

Our free Appointment and Prescriptions On-line service is available 24 hours a day and is especially useful for those times when the telephone lines are busy or the practice is closed.  You can:

  • Make, view and cancel GP appointments on-line;
  • Request repeat medication on-line.
  • Access details from your care record including current medications and immunisations.

Signing up is simple.  Either click ‘register for on-line services’ in the useful links section of our website and follow the instructions, or ask a member of reception staff and they will give you a letter with a unique user name and password along with details of how to gain access to the secure website.

Please note each household member will need a separate user name and password.  Parents are able to sign up for an on-line account for their young children so that they can book appointments or request repeat prescriptions for them. We will automatically disable the current password once the young person is aged 14 and write to them giving them the opportunity to re-register. If you are under 14 but would like to set up a password of your own, you can do this in one of two ways:

  • If you know your existing password, just use the ‘change password’ facility online.
  • If you don’t know your own password, please visit our reception desk with some identification and we’ll reset the password for you.

NOTE: Your personal information is kept safe and secure when using our on-line services.

Missed Appointments

Please help us to keep our service as accessible as possible by cancelling appointments you no longer require or can no longer attend, so we can offer these to other patients.  In 2017 over 1000 appointments were unused due to patients not cancelling.  This is around 4 appointments a day.

We write to patients who repeatedly miss appointments explaining the importance of keeping or cancelling appointments.  Patients who continue to miss appointments after two letters may be asked to find another GP surgery.

Squeezing Appointments

We do our best to provide the right amount of time for different types of appointments to avoid other patients being kept waiting by clinics over-running.

Please do not ask the doctors or nurses to ‘squeeze’ an extra family member into one appointment, or to do extra things e.g. blood pressure review, if you would normally make a separate appointment for this.  Thank you.