Patient Participation (PPG)

Patient Participation

Our Patient Participation Group meets twice a year and is made up of a cross-section of patients to represent the views of the diverse population for whom we provide health care.
The group review the results of our annual patient survey and bring their own experiences and idea to identify what is good about the surgery and what could be improved, and help us to develop a realistic plan for improvement.  If you would like to become involved please contact the Practice Manager or Assistant Practice Manager.

Presently our Patient Participation Group represents the following:

  • Older patients (over 65s)
  • Middle aged patients (35-64)
  • Younger patients (under 35)
  • Parents
  • Employed
  • Retired
  • Male
  • Female
  • Chronic Disease
  • Newer patient (less than 5 years at surgery)
  • Ethnic minority
  • Long-standing patient (more than 5 years at the surgery)
  • Multiple underlying health conditions
  • Disabled

We are actively looking to recruit new members, especially anyone who can represent the views of carers.  If you can represent this group or would like to become involved please contact the Practice Manager.

Current priorities for improvement and progress are detailed in our Patient Participation Group meeting notes, available on this website.

Notes Of Latest Patient Participation Group Meeting

Minutes from Meeting 12th December 2019  PPG Meeting

Hillfoot Surgery Patient Survey Results

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