Doctor’s Notes for Time off Work Due to Illness (Fit Notes)

If you’re off work sick for seven days or less, your employer should not ask for medical fit note from your GP, but they may ask you to fill in their own self certification form.

If you require a doctor’s note for absence of more than seven days (including days you don’t normally work) please make an appointment with a GP.  If you’re under the care of a hospital, your note may be issued by the hospital, rather than by your GP.

If you feel well enough to return before your note runs out, you can return to work without seeing the doctor and without getting a new note.  In rare instances employers insist on a note from the GP to say you are now fit to work.  Please book an appointment to see the GP in these instances.

There is never a charge for providing a doctor’s note if you are off work due to illness for more than 7 days.  Some employers may request a doctor’s note for absences of less than 7 days, for example, from employees who repeatedly take time off sick.  There is a fee of £15 for doctor’s notes for less than 7 days.