Please note that from 25th November 2019, any prescription request will be 72 hours from receipt by the Practice.

  • Complaints 2
    We hope that if you have a problem, you will use our practice complaints procedure. We believe this will give us the best chance of resolving whatever has gone wrong and allowing us to improve our services. Who to talk to If you have any concerns, you can talk to any member of our staff… Read more: Complaints 2
  • Accessing your GP-held records via the NHS app or NHS website
    As a GP practice, we have been asked to provide you with, no later than 31st October 2023, access to your full medical record going forward, via the NHS app (and NHS website) if you have a suitable NHS login. Your GP medical record contains consultation notes based on conversations between you, your GP and… Read more: Accessing your GP-held records via the NHS app or NHS website
  • Complaints 1
    Everyone at your practice endeavours to provide the best service and care possible. Unfortunately, we understand that there may be times when you feel this has not happened. If you have a complaint about the practice please feel free to let us know. You can do this in person, or by phoning the practice or… Read more: Complaints 1
  • Privacy Notice Hillfoot Surgery, Health Inequalities Heart Failure Project
    Our contact details Name: _ Hillfoot Surgery Address: 126 Owlcotes Road Pudsey LS28 7QR Phone Number: 0113 2574169 E-mail: [email protected] The type of personal information we collect We will collect and process the following information during the pilot: Personal identifiers; Name, Address, Postcode, Date of birth, GP Practice, NHS Number Sensitive data; Racial or Ethnic… Read more: Privacy Notice Hillfoot Surgery, Health Inequalities Heart Failure Project
  • Patient Engagement with changes to Hillfoot
    This is to you to inform you of some proposed changes to the provision of GP services at Hillfoot Surgery due to the planned closure of Sunfield Medical Centre on the 31st March 2022. This is our opportunity to engage with our patients and give you an opportunity to raise any questions and concerns which… Read more: Patient Engagement with changes to Hillfoot
  • HepCAPP study
  • Booking an appointment with one of our GP’s at the Practice
    Please be aware when booking an appointment with a GP, that this could be one of our regular GP’s, a Locum GP or a GP Registrar.
  • Demonstrating your Covid Vaccination Status
    If you wish to provide evidence of your Covid 19 vaccination status please click on the link below to access the NHS Covid pass website NHS COVID Pass – NHS (
  • Electronic Repeat Dispensing (eRD)
    If you or someone you care for uses the same medicines regularly, you may be able to benefit from electronic repeat prescriptions. This means you won’t have to re-order or collect your repeat prescriptions from your GP practice every time you need more medicine. Step 1 Talk to your GP or the person who prescribes… Read more: Electronic Repeat Dispensing (eRD)
  • Important update on Referrals
    Important update on referrals for anyone registered with a Leeds GP practice As part of our response to protect the health of our patients and our staff, we’ve all had to make difficult decisions to suspend some services. In addition any existing planned appointments may either be cancelled, take place over the telephone or by… Read more: Important update on Referrals
  • Monthly Prescription Ordering
    Please stop over ordering repeat prescriptions and requests for advance medicine supplies – please do not OVER ORDER your repeat prescriptions and order as you would normally do. Do not ask for an increased supply if you don’t need it, only order one month at a time.  Thank you!
  • GP Earnings
    From April 2016 it has become a contractual requirement for all GP practices to publish the mean net earnings of the partners, salaried GPs and locums who have worked in the practice for over six months, on their Practice website.“The average pay for GPs working at Hillfoot Surgery in the last financial year 2022/23 was… Read more: GP Earnings
  • Bank Holiday Dates 2024/2025
    The Practice will be closed on the following dates:- 1st January 2023 29th March 2024 1st April 2024 6th May 2024 27th May 2024 26th August 2024 25th December 2024 26th December 2024 1st January 2025
  • Prescription Requests
    Prescription requests will be ready for collection 72 working hours after receipt by the Practice. Any urgent requests, please come to reception and speak to a member of staff, specifying the reason for the urgency.
  • NHS Electronic Repeat Dispensing
    Ask us here at the Surgery about the NHS Electronic repeat dispensing service. If you, or someone you care for, use the same medicines regularly, you may not need a new prescription every time you need more medicine. ‘Our practice is collaborating with NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) which is providing NHS numbers for those… Read more: NHS Electronic Repeat Dispensing
  • Physio Service
    We have a Physiotherapist service which visits the Surgery once a week and is an expert in musculoskeletal problems. If you are experiencing any back pain or any other musculoskeletal issue, ask the receptionist to be booked directly into one of the clinics. These are held on a Wednesday and they also offer telephone appointments… Read more: Physio Service
  • Samples for Testing
    Please note, we cannot accept any patient samples after 2pm. Samples received after this time will have to be discarded and patients required to bring a fresh sample to Surgery.
  • Your Data Matters to the NHS
    Please see the Other Useful Information tab for more details of the National Data Opt-out, and Our practice Privacy Policy. The links below will also provide additional information for you. i.      Patient Information Leaflet – Further information for printing (please link to the attached patient information leaflet) ii.      Additional Information and link to Opt-out :
  • Changes to our Catchment Area
    We have recently widened our catchment area.  Please see the map below to see the area we cover for New Patients. If you are within our catchment area and would like to register, please call into the Surgery between 8.00am and 6.00pm with photo and address identification.
  • New Ultrasound Service for Patients
    We are pleased to confirm that our patients will no longer have to travel for routine scans. With effect from 12th July we are working in collaboration with Yorkshire Health Solutions who will provide a scanning service, based at Hillfoot. If the GP decides you need to be referred for a scan, you will receive… Read more: New Ultrasound Service for Patients
  • Accessible Information Standard
    The accessible information standard was rolled out across health and social care in July 2016. At Hillfoot Surgery we have been: Contacting patients to find out if they have any specific requirements for information from the practice to be shared with them in different formats. Using text messaging to communicate with our patients regarding their… Read more: Accessible Information Standard
  • Change of Opening Times
    Monday 8.00am – 18:30pm Tuesday 8.00am – 18:30pm Wednesday 8.00am – 18.30pm Thursday 8.00am – 18:30pm Friday 8.00am – 18:30pm Saturday *8.00am – 5.00pm* Sunday CLOSED *We are working with other GP practices in the local area to provide appointments on an evening and at the weekend. These are provided at The Gables Surgery, Swinnow… Read more: Change of Opening Times
  • The Cost of NHS treatment
  • Community Vegetable Garden
    Anyone interested in leading in developing a community vegetable plot in the surgery garden should contact Alison Stewart or Gillian Schofield on 0113 2574169.
  • Feedback from our recent patient survey
    The GPs commissioned an independent group called CFEP UK Surveys Ltd to undertake a patient satisfaction survey, focussing on both the practice in general and the specific care and treatment received by the GPs. The results have been analysed and the final report summary is both below and on a poster at the surgery.
  • Our recent CQC inspection
    On the 27th September we were inspected by the Care Quality Commission. We have now received the initial report which is very favourable. We achieved a rating of “Good” in each of our areas inspected. The full report will be available on the website shortly, when we receive the final version
  • Practice Target Training Afternoons 2024
    The practice will be closed for staff training from midday on the following dates: Thursday 25th January 2024 Thursday 29th February 2024 Thursday 14th March 2024 Thursday 23rd May 2024 Thursday 27th June 2024 Thursday 18th July 2024 Thursday 26th September 2024 Thursday 17th October 2024 Thursday 28th November 2024
  • Important Information – Travel immunisations
    Unfortunately we only have a limited number of travel appointments. We request that you collect a form from the surgery for completion and return to the surgery AT LEAST 8 WEEKS BEFORE TRAVEL so we can advise of which vaccination are required. Clinics are held on a Tuesday and are run by the Primary Care… Read more: Important Information – Travel immunisations
  • Declaration of GP earnings
    All GP practices are required to declare the mean earnings (eg average pay) for GPs working to deliver NHS Services to patients at each practice. The GP net earnings have been calculated in accordance with the published guidance issued, and the average pay for GPs working in Hillfoot Surgery in the last financial year was… Read more: Declaration of GP earnings
  • Online access to detailed medical records
    From April it will be possible for patients to request online access to their detailed  medical record. This will allow them to see details of any coded consultations, test results, medications and referrals. We are currently finalising a policy to support staff and patients in this process – further details will be available on the… Read more: Online access to detailed medical records
  • All patients now have a named Accountable GP
    All patients registered at Hillfoot now have a named Accountable GP. When you attend the surgery for your appointment you will be informed who that is. Alternatively, If you wish to find out who your named GP is, or you wish to request a specific GP please contact the surgery. We have recently undertaken a… Read more: All patients now have a named Accountable GP
  • New Malaria service from your pharmacist
    If you require malaria medication it will now be possible to go directly to your local pharmacist, who will be able to prescribe this for you.
  • New Pharmacy 1st Service introduced in West Leeds
    From the 1st July a new service is being offered by Pharmacists in the local area. They are now able to prescribe medication for a range of symptoms / illnesses without you having to make an appointment to see a GP. The pharmacist is now able to offer advice and treatment for: Cough, Cold, Sore… Read more: New Pharmacy 1st Service introduced in West Leeds
  • Update on registrations for Online Services
    Did you know you can make appointments and request repeat medication on line – which means that even when the surgery is closed you can access our services. To date 17% of all people registered are booking appointments on line and requesting their medication. To sign up please go to the home page and click… Read more: Update on registrations for Online Services
  • Do we have your most up to date email address & mobile phone number?
    In order to ensure you get a text reminder for your appointments, and allow you to keep updated via text of any changes at the practice, we would ask that you keep us updated with your most current mobile numbers and email addresses. Please contact the surgery if your details have changed.