We have five regular doctors working at the surgery, three of them working part-time.

Dr Geraldine Acton (female)
Dr Inoka Sixsmith (female)
Dr Nick Fielden (male)

Dr Naomi Inwood (female)

Dr Katie Setchell (female)

Dr Kumud Verdi (female)

From time to time we will have a doctor in training working at the practice. These are qualified doctors with experience of hospital medicine working with us to gain experience of working in general practice. They are supervised by Dr Steward and supported during their surgeries by Dr Steward and the other partners.

We will sometimes have a locum doctor providing cover for one of the regular doctors during periods of holiday or study leave. We try to use a familiar pool of doctors so that they are used to working in our practice and we are confident in their abilities.

As well as face to face and telephone consultations with patients to help manage acute and long term health needs our doctors are busy behind the scenes:

  • Arranging relevant referrals and diagnostic tests e.g. blood tests and x-rays, and then interpreting and acting appropriately on results;
  • Ensuring patient medication remains safe and up to date;
  • Undertaking home visits for housebound patients;
  • Reviewing discharge letters and out patient appointment feedback letters and updating records and taking appropriate action required.