Test Results

It can take a little time for us to receive results and then for the doctor to review these and decide on the best course of action if any is required.

For blood tests please leave 10 days before you telephone for your results.  For Ultrasound Scan and X-Ray Results please leave 2 weeks before you telephone for your results.

Please avoid calling between 8-9am when the phones are particularly busy.  If when you call your test result has been received however the GP has yet to view it, the receptionist will let you know the next time the GP requesting the test has administrative time to review results (each doctor has time set aside each day), and they will ask the GP to prioritise your result so you know when the GP will look at it.  Please do not ask for an urgent ring back with the on call GP to discuss test results as this slows our ability to respond quickly to patients who require urgent medical attention on the same day, and results are best reviewed by the GP who originally requested the test.

Thank you.